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"Love the muffins and cookies, they are so yummy. I see an increase in my milk supply and hind milk got thicker as well. Thank you Marian:)"

Tiffany Loh - 02 Aug 2018

"Thanks Marian for the delicious muffins they r really yummy esp the chocolate chip flavour will definitely recommend it!!"

Enitsirhc Choy - 27 Jul 2018

"I absolutely love the muffins and cookies baked with love by @marianlactationboost. I followed the eating schedule and my milk thickened and my baby is fuller after every feed."

Wong Min Shan - 14 Jul 2018

"Marian is very patience answer all the question I ask when I approach her and she try to understand my problem before suggest any product.Her product really help me yield more output that I never had before ! Love her ice cream and muffin !"

Yvone Yapp Yee Voon - 21 Jun 2018

"delicious bakes! very quick in response and willing to share boosting ingredients! (:"

Sheena Low - 21 Jun 2018

"Marian's muffins really work for me! I hv seen my supply increase after trying the first time. Marian is very friendly and prompt in providing advice to me. Will definitely recommend Marian's muffins."

Janice Yap - 04 Apr 2018

"Marian's muffins are amazing! Although i dont know exactly how much more milk supply i have now (as i let my baby latch on directly), i could feel my breasts a lot fuller and faster! The results were almost immediate, like 2-3hrs after taking the muffins. Not to mention, the muffins tasted great! Marian was also very patient with me despite my very delayed responses. Recommended and i'll definitely order from Marian again. 😊"

Siow Yee Ting - 02 Apr 2018

"Have been wanting to type the review but finding time cos baby is too clingy! Haha.

The muffins were yummy and great! Gave me thick milk and more flow! Even had blocked ducts during the day cos baby always doesn’t finish latching, ends up falling asleep. Lol. 
Will definitely want to keep buying the muffins! Triple coconut one works excellent! Oreo and Milo works well too and yummy!"

Peggy Toh - 23 Mar 2018

'To Marian, her lovely bakes must be more than just a business endeavor but more of a passion. Before purchasing, Marian asked me about my needs and also followed up with me as well on her own initiative. There are also specific instructions on what to do to manage output daily. I tried almost all the flavors of her muffins and the booster drinks. Over the 2 weeks, I noticed a 30-50ml or more increase in output per day. Typically, I am able to produce a few feeds for one pump and the increase helps overall. Thanks Marian!'

Ennvoy Gna - 21 Mar 2018

"My friend ordered this as a gift to you and ever since then I am addicted to it! Love the basic muffins and they are great as breakfast or snacks when I feel hungry after nursing. Thanks Marian!"

Ma Su Xian - 16 Mar 2018

"Marian is very helpful when it comes to questions. I asked her quite a number of things and she gladly replied me and offered suggestions. Her muffins and lactation boost are yummy. Muffins are not so sweet and the lactation boost really helped to thicken the milk on top of increasing supply!"

Gena Faith Lim - 14 Mar 2018

"Totally in love with the lactation ice cream.. so convenient and enjoyable to boost my milk supply. Now I am able to built a stash for my baby in preparation to return to work."

Hui Hui - 02 Mar 2018

"I can't say enough good things about Marian! She is more like a partner in BF than a seller. She was and still is very concerned for my supply and is trying very hard to help me find my milk booster! I am so grateful for her advice!"

Teo Hwee Hoon - 01 Mar 2018

"Very delicious and nice lactation cookies which worked for me too!
Due to my baby unable to direct latch at the beginning stage because premature, I have to keep calm and pumping every 3 hours, super tiring and stress.. and I received this location cookies and muffins from Marian's. These actually help to stimulate my breastmilk very quickly.
Highly recommend to all the breastfeeding mummies who have low supply!"

Anise Lee - 12 Feb 2018

"Marian's muffins were my saviour when my supply dipped badly after a bad episode of cold. Not only the muffins were delicious, Marian's service was awesome that she accomodated to my timing for delivery and very prompt in replying, giving me advices and encourages me. I love the australian milo muffins the most, will definitely order them again! Thank you Marian!"

Shu Hua - 07 Feb 2018

"Love Marian! Both her service and muffins! She's always quick to response and send her wonderful lactation muffins over! And this is absolutely appreciated and necessary when i suddenly experience drops in supply due to various reasons and need a quick fix. Thank you Marian!"

Abby Joy - 07 Feb 2018

"Loves this baker. She is so nice that will try make new flavours but I still loves her oreo muffins the most. Love the texture and moist. Her cookies are nice too. Most impt even it don’t make me boost BM till oversupply but is a happy food to me as I can snack without guilty. My 6 yr old Son will ‘steal’ abit of it to eat too."

Yvonne Ang - 06 Feb 2018

"The muffins and boosters have helped with my supply! Thank you! Baby is latching longer and there is an increase in supply when I pump! Really grateful!"

Shannalyn Ng - 01 Feb 2018

"The muffins are delicious. Not too sweet, moist and most importantly it works! I pair the muffins with Milo Booster and it has helped with my supply. My baby is now going 2 years old and we are still going strong. Thanks to Marian's goodies. All good stuff inside."

Karen Tan - 01 Feb 2018

"Awesome brownies from Marian. Likewise for the Milo ice cream. Manage to yield 300ml of milk even after a night of latching which I usually will not be able to do so. Thanks for helping me boost my supply. Really love the flavours of the brownies and ice cream. Thank you~"

Sharon Tan - 04 Apr 2018