Back to work bundle

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Back to work lactation bundle | Best deal for mummies heading back to work

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Bundle pack comes with

5 packets of cookies from our premium cookies range

2 packet of lactation tea


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Back to work bundle

Comes with 5 packets of cookies from our premium cookies range and 2 packet of lactation tea

Cookie flavours

- Australian Milo Butterscotch

- Australian Milo Chocolate Chips

- Australian Milo Cranberry

- Australian Milo Sea Salt Caramel

- Chocolate Chips with Walnut

- Chocolate Chunk with Walnut

- Cranberry Pistachio

- White Chocolate Chips Macadamia


Lactation Tea Flavours 

- Chamomile Lime

- Lychee Rose

- Peach Pomegranate

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