Our Story

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Our Story

Marian's Lactation Boost began as a passion project in late 2015 to help family and friends who were suffering from low breastmilk supply issues. Marian realised that the lactation goodies provided in the market were either too sweet, or they had too little galactagogues added to help boost a more nutritious breastmilk supply. She started researching and reading up even before becoming a mummy, to make sure she was able to produce quality products, that were not only low in sugar and tasted great, but also one that had nutritional value that aids in quality milk supply. 

What started out to be a project to help family and friends slowly evolved into helping other mummies plagued with the same worrisome issue.

At the start of 2017, Marian's husband - Kelvin started seeing the importance of breastfeeding and how the quality of breastmilk aids with baby's growth. This led him to join the meaningful business, and what was a one woman show turned into a husband and wife adventure. Hand in hand, they developed creative recipes to help mummies enjoy their breastfeeding journey. 

​3 years into helping mummies with their supply issues, offering support, a listening ear and advices garnered through research and experience, Marian felt it was important to delve into something deeper to be of proper support to the breastfeeding community. She started her journey towards becoming a breastfeeding counsellor in Nov 2018, and hope to be able to offer more a well-rounded support system to give mummies confidence to walk through their breastfeeding journey when she finishes her course.

​Marian believes that every mummy who breastfeed faces different challenges. Some mummies may have low supply and thick hind milk. Some mummies may have low supply and thin hind milk. The list goes on. She makes the effort to chat with mummies who sends in their queries to make sure she recommends the correct product and help to customise packages to meet their breastfeeding goals at no extra costs. ​

Marian's Lactation Boost have an array of low sugar lactation goodies to help mummies with different needs, ranging from low supply mummies to even good supply mummies who are looking for slight boosts without becoming oversupply. Their most notable product - the Lactation Muffins have helped many mummies tie through difficult times. With so many products under their belt, and being the first in Singapore to introduce Lactation Ice Cream, we are sure that mummies can enjoy many moons of guiltless indulgence. 

Marian also curates a schedule according to the type of lactation product bought to help guide mummies towards having a better nutrition intake, keeping their boost constant and to subsequently maintain the increase after their package.

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