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Nutritious Food for a Lactating Mother

“How do I boost breast milk naturally?”

A healthy mom is a healthy baby. Whether you are a new mom who has always stuck to balanced diet or you are a mother who has breastfed multiple times, there are plenty of ways to enhance the breastfeeding experience for healthy feeding and beautiful bonding between mom and baby.

One of them is to nourish your body with nutritious and healthy foods that not only promote good health but also increase breast milk supply. There are various foods out there that are packed with tons of nutrients to keep moms feeling energised and boost breast milk supply.  

Luckily for you, you don’t need to start googling for what to eat to increase your breast milk supply or head to the supermarket to stock up on superfoods. Marian’s Lactation Boost has a wealth of nutritious yet tasty foods that are perfect for a lactating mother.

Smart and Enjoyable Eating for Lactating Moms

If you think that you have to adhere to a strict diet while nursing, you’ll be glad to know that we offer tons of healthy yet mouth-watering food that are sure to curb those pregnancy cravings whilst keeping you full and energised.

From lactation brownies and cookies that are made with ingredients like organic wholegrain rolled oats & chia seeds, you have a vast catalogue to choose from.

Who Are We?

Marian’s Lactation Boost started off as a passion project by founder Marian who discovered her passion for healthy motherhood her love for supporting mummys. As a mother herself, Marian is determined to ensure all mummys get the resources they need.

Lactating foods aside, our website also offers various products to help pregnant women prepare for their babies. Browse our website today to view them!

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"The Australian Milo muffins are really delicious and it did help to boost my milk supply, love the baker Marian too, she is very friendly and helpful. Hope those little delicious miracles can help increase my supply more😍😍"

Llb Mizha

"My latest letdown is 120ml each from both sides: a total of 240ml! Mostly my morning letdown is only hovering 150ml to 180ml. An increase of 60-90ml for me!!"

Fionna Wee

"Simply love the delicious muffins and cookies from Marian, there are a lot of premium ingredients used! I do see an increase in my bm morning pump from 90ml to 160ml combined. This is my second time ordering and will highly recommend to all breastfeeding mummies! :)"

Neo Zhi Lin