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Lactation Tea

The breastfeeding journey is a marathon – one paved with good and bad days, clogged ducts and days of insufficient supply. Some might have it easy, while for others, it’s a constant challenge. Be it first time mummies or seasoned breastfeeding mummies in Singapore, we know that a cuppa tea is all you need to slow down, breathe, before moving and pushing ahead.

If you’re on the hunt for lactation treats to help you attain thicker hindmilk and increase your supply, our caffeine-free lactation tea is it! A refreshing for your mind with extra umph for your milk supply, there’s no better cup to have than Marian’s Lactation Boost’s lactation tea.

Lovingly Blended Lactation Tea with Milk-Boosting Herbs

Thoughtfully curated and formulated with quality galactagogue herbs like Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Fennel Seed and Rosehip, our lactation tea packs a punch with all things good for stimulating milk production through each stage of your nursing journey. At the same time, it provides mummies with the hydration necessary for postpartum. There’s nothing a good cup of lactation tea - like ours - can’t fix.

Sip it However You Like

Our lactation tea is incredibly soothing and yummy and it can be weaved into your everyday routine however you like it - hot or cold. Each bag comes with 14 individual, biodegradable plant-based tea sachets for easy and effortless preparation. The subtle sweet notes and fruity flavours of our lactation tea makes it a palatable treat to have when the journey gets rough.

Enjoy it on its own or pair it with some wholesome lactation bakes and watch your liquid gold supply steadily increase with each pump session (it’s not just a one-off boost).

Go on, treat yourself to either one or both of our irresistible flavoured tea – Lychee Rose and Peach Pomegranate – because you deserve it!

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