Lactation Ice Cream & Overnight Oats in Singapore

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Lactation Ice Cream / Overnight Oats

There’s just something about breastfeeding that makes one crave for sweet treats. If you’re a sweet-toothed lactating mama who’s on the hunt for some guilt-free indulgence, reach for our game-changing lactation overnight oats and ice creams. These treats help you build your hindmilk supply and nourish your body while satisfying your sweet tooth; talk about the perfect balance between indulgent and health-conscious!

Breastfeeding-Friendly Overnight Oats

Your boring, old cooked oats is about to get a refreshing upgrade! Bursting with extra flavour and packed with nutrients and galactagogues, these overnight oats are the go-to comfort foods for all lactating mummies. All milk-boosting ingredients are used raw – so you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking in all the vitamins and minerals in their best forms (that’s right, we pride ourselves in giving our fellow mummies nothing but the best). 

Have them as brekkie or sneak a jar into your tea-time menu – there are many ways you can incorporate our overnight oats into your daily breastfeeding diet.

The One and Only Lactation Ice Cream in Singapore

With the goal of helping mummies worry less about their milk supply and spend more time enjoying their massively rewarding breastfeeding journey, we’ve also diversified our offerings with the introduction of the first-ever lactation ice cream in Singapore. These artisanal ice creams are hand-churned with all-natural ingredients like brewer’s yeast, chia seed and rolled oats to give your milk supply a massive boost.

With a delectable range of four different flavours (Australian Milo, Avocado Chocolate Chips, Horlicks Malteser and Mao Shan Wang), we guarantee that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Complement them with our lactation cookies for thicker and fuller milk for your precious ones!

There’s Nothing Our Overnight Oats & Ice Cream Can’t Fix

Achieving your breastfeeding goals is made easy with Marian’s Lactation Boost. Get started today!

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