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Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultant in Singapore

While breastfeeding is a natural act between a mother and her baby, it may not come naturally for all mothers. With the complexity and challenges of parenting a newborn baby, new mothers may struggle with trying to nurse. The good news is that with the help of a lactation specialist, many breastfeeding issues can easily be overcome.

What does a lactation specialist do?

A lactation specialist is a consultant and advisor for breastfeeding mothers. As a trained professional, this person can help you to navigate a wide spectrum of nursing problems such as latching, supply, positioning, and more.

At Marian’s Lactation Boost, our lactation specialist will offer help and guidance to mothers in Singapore who face these issues:

  • Low supply of breastmilk
  • Issues with clogged ducts or inverted nipples
  • Painful breastfeeding
  • Emotional or physical barriers to breastfeeding

Given that every mother is unique, our consultant will provide a personalised solution to overcome your problems. Through our lactation consultant service, you’ll discover that all breastfeeding challenges can be overcome

When you should engage a lactation specialist

Many people wait till breastfeeding problems occur to call a nursing consultant, but the best time is actually when you are expecting. Apart from resolving imminent challenges, our lactation specialist can offer useful tips and information to make your breastfeeding journey a seamless one.

From learning how to hold your baby while breastfeeding, to what equipment you will need if you intend to pump, to how your partner can be involved, the consultant will be at your side throughout.

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Through our years of making lactation delights, we have come across countless mothers in Singapore who are struggling with breastfeeding. While our dedication to this sacred act of love can be seen in our curated selection of lactation food and drinks, our lactation consultant aid is a testament to just how far we will go to help alleviate breastfeeding woes.

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