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How to Boost Breast Milk - Quick Guide for Breastfeeding Mothers

11 February 2021

Breastfeeding is not only a beautiful bonding experience, it is also the best way to provide essential nutrients to babies. It keeps your baby healthy by protecting them from diseases, infections, and other sickness through proper nutrition. Did you know that mothers can start by preparing for this journey on the day that baby is delivered? These are some reasons why you should start early:

1) Preventing a slow start

Many mothers experience a slow start for the first few days immediately after delivery. Breastfeeding the precious colostrum can be painful and heart-wrenching when the baby does not get enough from you. Preparing for your breastfeeding journey can make it easier for your body to produce colostrum. Hand expressing is more effective than electric pumps when collecting colostrum. Therefore, take advantage of this “golden hour,” the first hour of your baby’s birth, to hand express that liquid gold to provide a nutrient-rich food source for your newborn.

2) Consistency is key! 

Ensuring that you are producing enough milk is not nearly enough as making certain that the quality produced is thick and yummy enough to keep your baby filled. Starting your breastfeeding journey early is one of the several ways on how to boost breast milk supply naturally. Consistency is also a critical factor in increasing your milk production. Direct latching and regular pumping signal your body to produce more milk the more baby demands it. As a result, you can increase your breast milk supply and keep up with your baby’s increasing feeding requirements.

3) Nursing comfortably

Being unable to keep up with baby’s nursing demands can be frustrating for lactating mothers. Early preparation can aid in boosting breast milk supply, making it easier for nursing moms to feel at ease during their breastfeeding journey.

Yummy lactation treats for breakfast to kick start a boost-full day
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Boosting Your Breast Milk with Lactation Treats

What else can you do to boost your breast milk supply? Aside from direct latching and regular pumping, you can stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet. You may notice your sweet cravings kicking in when you breastfeed - that’s normal. You can absolutely give in to your cravings, but why not eat foods that are healthy and milk-boosting?

How can something sweet and delectable boost your breast milk production? With the help of lactation treats, of course! Lactation treats are now popular as they are great in satiating your sweet tooth while increasing breast milk production.

These yummy lactation treats are great for breakfast to kick-start your day or as a snack to satisfy your cravings:

1) Lactation Bakes:

These come in all shapes and sizes - from yummy muffins, and lactation cookies to overnight oats and ice cream. There are several in the market, but most mothers seem to prefer Marian Lactation Boost, winning in both flavour and result. Some of the mummies' favorites include the Chocolate Chip with Walnut Lactation Cookies and Australian Milo Lactation Muffins.

2) Other Lactation Treats: 

Marian’s Lactation Boost offers cold desserts to help boost not just breast milk production, but also hindmilk supply! We are the first and only lactation provider to offer lactation ice cream in Singapore

H3 3) Lactation Teas:

Yes, you can also drink your way to lactation abundance with as little as zero calories with the tea! Our lactation tea collection also boasts an assortment of teas such as the Lychee Rose Lactation Tea, Chamomile Lime Tea and Peach Pomegranate Tea.

All Marian’s lactation bakes are made fresh on the day of delivery. You can drop us a message for more information about our products and how they can boost breast milk production. Create an account and order online today!

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