The 2nd Trimester: Common Discomforts and Foods that Help

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The 2nd Trimester: Common Discomforts and Foods that Help

15 April 2021

You wake up one morning and notice something different when you look in the mirror…

The bump is finally starting to show!

Baby bumps usually start to show around week 13-28 of the pregnancy, known as the second trimester. You will probably feel like you have less energy and even uncomfortable at times during this period.

As you go through your second trimester, you need to nourish your body with the right foods to keep these aches & pains at bay and achieve those nutrient goals. 

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of common discomforts and how to alleviate them with smart eating choices. Read on to learn more.

Growing Breasts and Belly 

 2nd trimester growing breasts and belly

Your belly and breasts are going to get bigger as your baby develops. That's because your uterus would need to expand to make room for the baby, and hormonal changes will cause your breasts to grow. 

Besides finding loose clothing and supportive bras, you could also swap your regular grains for whole foods and whole grains like oats, quinoa, brown rice, cooked salmon, avocados and many others. These foods   aid in improving hormonal levels, keep blood sugar well-maintained and reduce the severity of breast swelling. During this period pregnant mummies can eat our Fudgey Biscoff Pregnancy Brownie made from ground organic wholegrain oats flour and organic cold pressed coconut oil to help to ease discomfort. 

2nd trimester fudgey biscoff pregnancy brownie

Because our pregnancy brownies contain organic oat flour which are high in dietary fibre, it also help prevent constipation and keeps you full for longer periods, allowing for sustained release of energy throughout the day. This reduces the need to snack, helping you keep blood sugar levels in check – lowering the risk of gestational diabetes and keeping mom & baby healthy and well-nourished. 

Do take note, baby bump sizes and the extent of breast swelling vary from body to body. These are dependent on your lifestyle and genetics.

Dizziness and Morning Sickness

 2nd trimester dizziness and morning sickness

Notice your head spinning and feeling nauseous? It's probably due to the changes in blood circulation. 

To help your body adapt, you'll need to fuel your body with foods that boost blood circulation.

Aside from the whole grains mentioned above, our Fudgey Biscoff Pregnancy Brownie contains organic chia seeds. Chia seeds have been found to be high in calcium, strengthening the bones for both baby and you. Plus, they promote red blood cell production & boost blood circulation. In addition, the cold-pressed organic coconut oil is used to relieve morning sickness and constipation. 

Aside from the fudgey brownies, our Pregnancy Cookies are another nourishing treat you could indulge in. Besides the organic superfoods mentioned earlier, we also use pumpkin seeds in the cookies which aid in regulating blood sugars and maintain a healthy digestive system.

2nd trimester pregnancy cookies

During this period, some pregnant mothers also experience nausea; if you’re feeling particularly sensitive, try to avoid triggers like smells or foods; and hydrate yourself regularly. 

Did we mention that our pregnancy cookies and brownies are suitable for toddlers too? Feel free to share this with your other little ones.

Leg Cramps

2nd trimester leg muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are burdensome to deal with, especially when you are on the go.

Pregnant women usually experience leg cramps in their second trimester due to reduced calcium levels and higher levels of phosphorus. 

Thankfully, you can easily combat these cramps with fatty acids and proteins. One product we offer here that might help is our Pregnancy Brownies. They contain walnuts which are known for reducing inflammation and strengthening the muscles. walnuts are also rich in antioxidants and support a new mom to enhance her immune system.

2nd trimester pregnancy brownies

Furthermore, our brownies are made with 75% cocoa solids chocolate to give you that extra boost of energy you need during a long day.

Aside from sticking to a wholesome diet, you could also do some light stretching or even get a pre-natal massage to loosen those muscle knots. Avoid being idle for too long also as doing so could make your joints even stiffer.

Importance of Pregnancy Foods 

2nd trimester pregnancy foods

Finally, a healthy diet means you’re in the best shape to provide nutrients for a healthy baby. 

Regardless of how far you are in your pregnancy, smart eating choices are critical to the baby's overall development and growth. 

A mother's body changes significantly during pregnancy, so don't neglect yourself and make sure you fill your body with wholesome foods! 

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