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New Mums Gifts

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Gifts for New Mums in Singapore

Searching for the perfect gift for a new mum? Instead of buying fancy equipment which will take up too much space or cute outfits that babies outgrow quickly, why not give her a gift of nutrition instead? At Marian’s Lactation Boost, we’re well-known in Singapore for our lactation cookies and more.

The Gift of a Healthy Mind and Body

During pregnancy, a developing baby will absorb essential nutrients from mum’s body. Childbirth is a strenuous journey that often leaves the body battered. By the end of the entire journey, a mother is tired, drained, and fragile. This is when nourishment is needed the most.

Additionally, being a new mum can be extremely daunting. From breastfeeding to caring for a whole new human being, first-time parents are faced with many challenges along the way. Therefore, when you are selecting a gift for a new mum, consider these aspects.

The good news is, you’ll be able to find gift sets and other nutritious products well-loved by breastfeeding mothers all around Singapore here. Check out some of our gifting ideas:

1. Lactation Boosting Cookies

Discover a wide range of lactation cookies that come in many different flavours. As our best selling item, they are tasty and nutritious. Made with 11 nourishing ingredients which all come together to boost the production of breastmilk, they make great gifts for new mums in Singapore. Try our popular Australian Milo Chocolate Chips cookies, they are as delightful as they are effective!

2. Other Lactation Bakes

Apart from cookies, we also offer a selection of decadent lactation bakes such as muffins and brownies, made with the same wholesome ingredients. Great as a snack or even as breakfast, it gives every new mum the energy boost and support for her new lifestyle. Our Nutella and Speculoos Muffins are a must-try! Or how about our Vegan & Allergen Free Midnight Lactation Cupcakes for those with special diets?

3. Lactation Drinks

It’s normal for breastfeeding mums to feel thirsty, so lactation drinks make for a great pick-me-up. Not only do they help to hydrate, but they are also tasty and nutritious. Made from carefully selected fruits and cold pressed for their goodness, our Cold Pressed Lactation Juices are a thoughtful gift for new mums. For something milder, try our lactation teas, too.

Well-Priced Bundle Deals and Gift Sets

From baby showers to Christmas giftings, our bundle deals and gift sets are classic, timeless, and can be enjoyed by all mothers-to-be. Shop now and enjoy convenient delivery right to your doorstep, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our products.

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